Video Conversations

Often this semester, you’ll watch a video conversation as a supplement to assigned readings. These conversations will typically feature one or two Bethel History faculty talking with me about the week’s topic, though our undergraduate teaching assistants might also make an appearance or two later in the semester.

Note: you might catch us referring to something called “Past & Presence” in the course of these conversations… That refers to a departmental webisode series that we produced in 2015 and 2016 for this course. While we’re taking a break from that series for 2017, we’ll reuse several of the conversations filmed for those webisodes. (Originally they were broken into two parts; sometimes you’ll watch both, sometimes just one.)

Prof. Mulberry worked with me to film and edit Past & Presence. Sam also designed the fantastic opening title sequence, which will be recognizable to fans of a certain cable TV drama set in recent American history: