Course Mechanics

This is a hybrid course, blending face-to-face (F2F) discussions on Monday and Friday afternoons with either an online, project-based, or experiential component to be completed on your own during the remainder of the week. I’ll mark these in the course schedule and remind you of what’s coming up at the beginning or ending of F2F class sessions.


Certain weeks I’ll supplement your assigned readings with a video conversation or interview featuring people from Bethel’s History Department. You’ll respond to these sources for a response paper, then I’ll typically edit selections from those responses into two or three blog posts that you should comment on before Friday’s class. The idea is that we can sustain a conversation that starts F2F on Monday, continues online at midweek, and concludes F2F on Friday. Here’s how weeks like those will function:

M        F2F class discussion

Tu        Do reading, watch video conversation

W        Submit response paper (by noon)

Th        Read and comment on other students’ responses on blog

F          F2F class discussion

Project-Based and Experiential Learning

The other reason that we go with this hybrid format is that it gives us considerable flexibility during the week to let you engage in two other types of learning.

First, for the two times during the semester when you’re working on a group project, you’ll be able to find plenty of time to work together on researching and preparing your presentation.

Second, giving up the Wednesday class session frees me to assign four more experiential activities that can be scheduled flexibly:

  • An interview with a faculty member in our department (first full week of class)
  • A visit to the Bethel archives or Bethel digital library to explore types of historical evidence (sometime February 21-22)
  • A visit to the Minnesota History Center or other museum or public history locale (week before Easter Break)
  • An informational interview with a Bethel History alum working in a career that you find interesting (last week of class).

Expect to write a short response paper at the conclusion of each activity.

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