Accessibility and Other Policies


Accommodations are determined through the Office of Disability Resources and Services (DRS). Students are responsible to contact the Office of Disability Resources and Services. Once DRS determines if accommodations are to be made, they will notify the student and the instructor via email. Students choosing to use the disability-related accommodations must contact the instructor no later than five business days before the accommodation is needed. The instructor will provide accommodations (in conversation with DRS as needed), but the student is required to initiate the process for each accommodation. 

Other Policies

Students should review and be aware of the Bethel academic policies on integrity, appeals, computing and network use, classroom behavior, e-mail, and inclusive language(Note that most of these links are behind the Bethel firewall — I’ll also post them on the course Moodle page.)

Writing assistance and support for multilingual students can be arranged through the Academic Enrichment and Support Center.

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