Other Instructors

While I’m the instructor of record for HIS290, one of the distinctives of the course is that you’ll also learn from other people in the department. You’ll interview another of our faculty members the first full week of class, and each will visit the F2F class at least once this semester. (Plus you’ll occasionally see video-recorded conversations among them and our undergraduate teaching assistants.) And you’ll have the chance to interview one of our alumni before the end of classes.

The Rest of the History Department Faculty

History Department Teaching Assistants

We usually have about 6-8 undergraduate teaching assistants helping our faculty each semester. You might hear from them later in the semester, and after spring break you’ll learn how you can apply for these positions.

Our Alumni

Three of our professors themselves attended Bethel (Magnuson, Mulberry, Poppinga), and you’ll meet other alumni when you conduct an informational interview in May. For now, you can start to learn about our former students by reading alumni interviews and stories at our department blog.