Video Conversation: Oral Communication

In preparation for the presentations starting this Friday, be sure to review our course expectations for speaking. You might also want to spend a few minutes watching this conversation with Profs. Poppinga and Kooistra, in which they share some advice on preparing for oral presentations.


Video Conversation: How Christians Do History

Prof. Kooistra and I discuss various ways that Christians approach the discipline of history, including “providential” history and the integration of faith and learning. You’ll need to respond to this video for this week’s response paper, and it may also be a helpful resource for your midterm essay (due 3/20).

Video Conversation: Collaboration

Before you begin work on your first of two group projects… You might want to watch this short conversation with Profs. Poppinga and Kooistra, on you can effectively collaborate on a shared project.

Working as part of a team is one of the objectives of this course, but it’s not a skill that has often been emphasized in the discipline of history. But that’s starting to change — see this report on a collaboration panel at January’s meeting of the American Historical Association.