Usable Past Project Groups

Here are the five groups for the usable past projects:

  • ESCAPIST PAST: Andrew N., Andrew Z., Logan, Matt
  • INSPIRATIONAL PAST: Aidan, Dustin, Jake, Nelson
  • NATIONAL HERITAGE: Bonita, Collin, Haley, Lauren
  • PAST AS ENGINE OF CHANGE: Braeden, David, Omar, Shawn
  • RELIGIOUS HERITAGE: John, Mikalah, Sarah

Your only midweek assignment is to meet as a group for a good 45-50 minutes and start brainstorming and planning. We’ll next meet as a class on Friday afternoon in CC 120. Be sure to bring your copy of Why Study History? — we’ll be discussing chs. 3 and 7, and you should expect an open-book quiz.


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