Response Paper: Exploring Careers

As we check back in on the topic of history and vocation, take some time this week to explore at least two career paths followed by people who studied history as undergraduates. Then write a 300-word response paper summarizing what you learned, due by 5pm on Thursday 3/23.

(I won’t repost what you write, and we’ll take a week off from blog commenting. This is just a chance for you to do some personal exploration.)


1. Start by reviewing the final essay assignment — and perhaps the first response to it that you wrote at the beginning of February.

2. Then use LinkedIn and/or the Labor Department’s O*Net database (both introduced by Dave and Will in class on Monday afternoon) to identify at least two careers that you find intriguing.

3. Using our department’s series of alumni interviews (From AC 2nd to…) and/or John Fea’s long-running “So What Can You Do With a History Major?” blog series, read about former history students who have pursued the two careers you identified. (Note: at the end of the semester, you’ll be interviewing a Bethel alum — so you might want to use this assignment to identify a potential interview subject.)


By 5pm on Thursday, upload to Moodle a 300-word response paper in which you draw on this reading and research in order to answer the following questions: (however you answer the questions, it should be clear which careers you explored and which interviews/blog posts you read)

Just how relevant is undergraduate study of history to the careers you chose to explore? What connections did you see in the interviews/blog posts? (Can you think of any others?) In what ways is a history major or minor by itself insufficient to prepare you for these career paths? Finally, what’s something specific you can do this semester, this summer, or next fall to prepare you better for one of these careers? (declaring a major/minor, picking a course or courses, seeking an internship, networking, other experiences, etc.)


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