Response Paper: Digital Project Self-Evaluation

Now that you’ve finished your digital timeline, you’ve got two small tasks remaining. First, complete the Google survey linked on Moodle in order to provide some feedback on other groups’ timelines(5 pts under Course Participation)

Second (and also via Moodle), write a 250-word self-evaluation of your own group’s project, using the Command, Collaboration, and Curation criteria in the project assignment in order to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your group’s work. Normal writing expectations apply, but mostly I’m just looking for an honest, thoughtful assessment — both because that kind of thinking and writing helps you to process the experience of working collaboratively and digitally on a historical project, and because it helps me grade the timelines more fairly and constructively. (10 pts under Response Papers)

Both the peer review and self-evaluation must be completed by noon on Monday, 3/6. (Note the change to the original 9am deadline.) Late penalties will apply for the self-evaluation; there’s no late credit available for the peer review; it’s pass/fail.


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