Here They Are: Your Digital Timelines!

Thanks for all your hard work this week on your digital timelines! You’ll have time in class this afternoon to start looking at everyone’s work, then I’ll have you complete that during the weekend and fill out a brief peer evaluation via a Google survey linked on Moodle.

Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t allow me to embed them directly into this post, but just click on the screenshot to link to the rest of each timeline.

The Fall of the Western Roman Empire

(Collin, Maddy, Omar, Sarah)

Screen shot of Fall of Roman Empire timeline

The Massachusetts Bay Colony

(David, Jake, John, Matt)

Screen shot of Massachusetts Bay Colony timeline

The Roaring Twenties

(Bonita, Haley, Lauren, Mikalah)

Screen shot of Roaring Twenties timeline

World War II: The Early Years

(Braeden, Dustin, Nelson, Shawn)

Title slide for "World War II: The Early Years"

 World War II: The Pacific Theater

(Aidan, Andrew N., Andrew Z., Logan)

Screen shot of WWII: Pacific Theater timeline



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