Get an early start on our digital humanities unit this Thursday morning (10:20am), when Haley gives a presentation in the Bethel Library on her work creating a digital exhibition. 


Curating Spaces Through Time

One thought on “Curating Spaces Through Time

  1. Thanks to Haley for taking the time to share her experience this morning in the Library! (If you couldn’t be there it’s worth looking for the video once it’s posted at the Bethel Digital Library channel on YouTube.)

    Several ideas came up at the talk that resonate with what we’re doing this week in Intro to History, including the nature of curation — which will be a big part of your group project next week. But also the idea that, while we might use digital technology to preserve and present artifacts (vestiges of the past, as McKenzie would say), much of what existed in the past is inevitably lost. Prof. Wingard (Art) used the word “ephemera” to describe much of what was involved in the original exhibition that Haley was trying to preserve digitally. Ephemera comes from the Greek for “short-lived.” As we continue to think about primary sources and how digitization can help us to preserve, analyze, and present them, it’s worth keeping in mind that most of what’s produced in the past is actually ephemeral, short-lived and now lost to us forever. That’s one of the chief challenges facing any historian.


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