Your First (Pre-Semester) Assignments

Bethel’s spring semester starts next Wednesday (Feb. 1st), but if you’ve read about our Course Mechanics in HIS290, you know that we don’t actually meet for face-to-face (F2F) class on Wednesdays. So we won’t actually meet until Friday the 3rd.

But we do use that midweek time for non-F2F work. So to get you started well in the class, I’m going to ask you to complete three simple, online assignments no later than noon on Thursday, Feb. 2nd. All three will count towards your Course Participation grade.

1. Introduce yourself

Now that you’ve read about me and our other faculty, tell us something about yourself. Go to the Students page at this site and leave a comment according to the directions provided. This is a pass/fail assignment: as long as you do it by noon on 2/2, you’ll get five easy points towards your participation grade.

2. Take a quiz about the syllabus and schedule

Especially since we’re starting a couple days into the semester, I don’t want to waste a lot of time on the 3rd going over every detail of the syllabus. So instead I’m going to expect that you’ll show up already knowing the objectives, assignments, expectations, schedule, mechanics, etc. pretty well. (Or at least knowing good questions to ask about how the course works.)

To test that you’re prepared for that first F2F meeting, take time before Thursday to visit the course Moodle page and take a 10-point quiz. You can have the syllabus and schedule open on your computer, and you can retake the quiz as often as you want. (Moodle will simply record your best score.) But one way or another, the quiz will close at noon on Thursday the 2nd, so don’t put this off too long.

3. Schedule a faculty interview

The first full week of class, we’ll continue to discuss the nature of history as an academic discipline and start to explore different fields within the discipline. To help you think about those questions — and to get to know our department better — I’m going to have you use midweek time to interview myself or another professor in the History Department. That interview will then be part of the basis for a response paper due on Thursday, Feb. 10th.

I’ll give you more details about that assignment on Friday. For now, all you need to do is go to this Google Doc and sign up for your interview. You’ll find all the faculty members in our department, with their office numbers, fields of study, courses taught in 2017-18 (so that you can start thinking about registration), and days/times available. Choose whichever prof lines up best with your interests.

You can meet individually or in pairs, but once the time slots for a professor are gone, you need to pick someone else. Like the first assignment, this is pass/fail — but it needs to be completed by noon on Thursday, 2/2 or you won’t get any credit.


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